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Sweet Dixie is home to Southern Street Food in the heart of the Long Beach arts district. Stay local, be happy and always, eat well!

"One can not think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well" VW

 Sweet Dixie means comfort food– food with southern beginnin and also some inspired imagination. Southern Street Food. The chef,  part of the Mama’s of San Francisco family, worked, baked and managed the flagship original Mama’s location in North Beach. She and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1999, Here,she discovered her interest in kitchen management, menu development and love of Southern food. “It was the food that spoke to my soul,”


Sweet Dixie Kitchen is on the corner of 3rd and Elm streets in the Arts District in Long Beach. We are in the kitchen daily, personally plating each plate of food, developing new recipes and producing some of Long Beach’s best biscuits, breakfasts, comfort food and pastries. It’s traditional Southern cuisine but much is redefined to be healthier and lighter. “There is simply no reason food can’t look and taste amazing with the best ingredients, better cooking methods,” says Chef.

Come experience food- the way we do in the South, as connection - we spend time together and celebrate each other with a meal. Stay local, stay happy and always eat well!!


Please note: All menu items subject to change based on seasonal availability. We are a small family business and space can be an issue at times of high volume. Some online menu items may differ from menu in store, on a day to day basis.




401 E. 3rd Street
(3rd and Elm)
Long Beach, CA, 90802


(562) 628-2253


Closed on Tuesday

Monday - Sunday  9am-2pm

*Kitchen closes appr. 30 min earlier. Baked goods and Beverages and happy hour until 15 min prior to close.

Mimosas and beyond

Check out our Beer, Bubbles and Wine specials available now.

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The Scrambles, Omelets and More






Salted Caramel

Maple Bacon

Chocolate Mint

Peanut Butter

Classic Vanilla

Apple Pie
(yes there is a whole piece
of pie in it!)



French Press:

Dark- Guatemala Antigua

Medium- Kenya AA

Light- Organic Mexican

House Drip:

Dark- Riviera French

Medium- Viennese Blend


Iced/Hot Mocha

Iced/Hot Chai

Housemade Cold Brew





Classic Rootbeer

Orange Creamsicle


Peaches & Cream






Hand Cut Scones

Cinimon Rolls

Coffee Cake - traditional sour cream crumb top and buttermilk glaze

Fruit Tarts

Almond Twist

Breakfast Tea Breads









Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Peach Cobbler

Apple or Pecan Pie ala Mode

New Orleans Bread Pudding ala Mode


Ultimate Waffle Sundae

Hello Dolly Bar - like a 7 layer



Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Unfiltered Apple Juice

Cranberry Juice




House Made:

Mango Jalepeno Lemonade

Rasberry Cucumber Limeade

Peach Basil Lemonade


Rose Lemonade




IBC Rootbeer

Prickly Pear Soda      

Lavender Soda

Blackberry Pomegranate Soda


You can rent our lovely space for your your next event- party or even large family get together. Email us - sweetdixiekitchen@outlook.com. Comfort, Location, Fun!!!!

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